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Simple Black Jack Game Rules

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In playing black jack, you don’t have to abide on many rules unlike any other game you play in casinos. There’s only one thing you’ve got to do, reach your card count to 21 and nothing more. If your card reaches 21 above then that’s where you get to lose the game. For players who get 21 automatic, which is an ace and a jack, they get to be paid depending on the amount of bets the tables sets, or depending on the system the casino implements within.

Basically, players get to raise their cards up to 21. And as for the dealer, he also manages the game and also get to play with the opponents. But not a big deal, just focus on getting another card just in case you get 10 or lower than that. Much better if you get a hand with a paired with ace, all you have to do is to get another card, hopefully, that can add up more and get your near to 21.

Max cards may hand out to three or four. Some outside rules even has 10 players, but not a casino type of game. But black jack is an easy win if you have some simply strategies with you. Mostly, casinos offer the win rate of 200 is to 1-5, meaning you get to win 195 percent rather than the casino winning it all. So there you have it, you can watch the video below and hopefully will help you out in learning more about it.